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5 reasons to visit us 

Nestled in the heart of Broadway with its

now-spinning neon sign,

Whiskey Bent

is a bar you don’t want to miss out on.

It’s across the street from some of the big country name bars, but what they don’t have is the authenticity like we do.

Here are 5 reasons to visit Whiskey Bent this Fall:


1. Traditional & Authentic

The others may want to come off that way, but we can guarantee a Honky Tonk certified experience because you don’t want to end up Honky Tonk uncensored.

2. Some of Nashville’s best live music

Many of our artists have been playing with us for years, and we have customers that rave about their experiences with them. 

3. The Bear

We have a tall, real stuffed bear that is picture worthy. A bear worth celebrating so much, that we came up with the fun “Bear Claw” cups you can take home!

4. Large Whiskey Selection

Love whiskey? Us too. We have plenty of it for you to choose from, and to one up that experience we suggest you order a “Holler & Swaller” t-shirt while you’re here with us.

5. Outstanding service

One of the things we take deep pride in is providing customers with top-notch service. Whenever you’re here with us, we want to make sure you’re seen and well taken care of. Need an ice cold beer? We got you. 

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